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Schoolhouse Fare is a dynamic company that presents your school with an innovative solution to provide healthy popular lunch choices for your students. At no cost to your school, we offer our school lunch program as a viable alternative to full service cafeterias and school managed lunch programs. To facilitate our solution, the lunch program features a secure, convenient and user friendly online lunch order and payment program. The automation broadens the variety of nutritious choices on the menu so that families can create an economical lunch that their students will enjoy. To provide these quality lunches, popular family restaurants have been carefully selected to prepare and deliver the fresh lunches raising the bar over menus of processed foods.

To support our efforts of offering a transfat free menu with nutritious lunch choices, we have contracted with well-known nutrition expert, "Dr. Ann" (Ann G. Kulze, M. D.) to review the nutritional profile of the menu. On the Schoolhouse Fare daily menu, Dr. Ann offers her "Top Picks for Health" as a suggestion to selecting a reasonably balanced and nutritious lunch. Researchers, doctors and school administrators are finding that good nutrition for children often results in improvement of student learning and behavior.

As a commitment of service to your school, Schoolhouse Fare donates a percentage of the lunch sales to the school. Participating in the Schoolhouse Fare lunch program is an investment in your school and your student's nutritional well being. Currently Schoolhouse Fare is serving schools in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. For fresh nutritious lunches delivered to your school, contact Schoolhouse Fare to implement our free lunch program in your school.


Dr. Ann (Ann G. Kulze, M.D.), a nationally recognized nutrition and wellness expert, has provided her professional review of Schoolhouse Fare's menu. Click here for more details

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